External beauty is temporary
we need to work from within
but I am so afraid of it’s power
something I wish I had been given
every threat around the corner
I cant help but to always think ‘Is she better than me?’
A question im afraid i ask so often
that you will soon react with my anticipated response

Don’t talk to me now

I may say words that I do not literally mean

but they feel so right

protecting my pride while taking shots at your ego

I do not hate you, but why does it feel so good to say it?

I’ve yet to admit it, I’m afraid I’m in I love you 

Those the words I truly mean

words so powerful, emotions so vulnerable 

so much easier to tell you that I hate you

when I feel like I’m not good enough

when I feel she is a threat

when I feel you may betray me

an emotion I try to run from

Scars so deep it’s masked my soul

But fuck it, someone betray me again so I can front and act like it dont phase me